Justin Bieber appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to do some album promotion - and self promotion - Thursday.

While Bieber and Fallon initially pitted their newly released albums against one another - Believe and Blow Your Pants Off, respectively - the competition quickly got personal.

In their quest to prove which star was more “awesome,” Bieber and Fallon did push-ups, played checkers and Marco Polo, and held their breath, punctuated with a juice break. Beiber got Fallon in a headlock and forced him to admit, “I have Bieber fever!”

Faced with a tie, the two agreed to settle the matter with a sudden-death dance-off. Fallon’s wriggling was certainly bizarre, but whether Bieber repeatedly pulling himself up by his crotch makes for a sure win is up to the viewer.

Jimmy Fallon rocking a Justin Bieber lookGoogle Images