They say that female hormones can rage out of control when a woman is pregnant, but expectant dads can also have their manic moments as well.

Witness Colin Farrell exploding at a photographer at the Toronto Film Festival last weekend, all because the shutterbug wanted to get a clear shot of Farrell minus members of his entourage. Problem is, one of Colin’s peeps happens to be his sister Claudine, who also works for him as an assistant.

Farrell and Claudine arrived at the theater on Saturday evening to a throng of paparazzi, which is to be expected at such a high-profile event. One snapper in particular, Joe Alvarez, shouted at Claudine in such a way as to seriously anger her brother who went for him with finger flying in the air. 

“With celebs you get a lot of hangers-on, PRs, everyone and their wives surrounding the stars and we are limited for space,” Alvarez said after the incident.

“I was just saying, ‘Please can everyone clear the carpet, move on.’ He took it personal. He said, ‘Do not shout at my sister like that, do not ever speak to my sister like that ever.’”

Farrell is known to be very close with his Dublin-based family, so it’s not surprising that he felt his sis was being disrespected. Still, the next day’s headlines centered around the confrontation instead of his upcoming film that he was promoting, "Triage," which can’t have made its producers all that happy.

"(Farrell) is obviously a live wire; I did not insult his sister. I did not swear at his sister,” said Alvarez, who added that Colin grabbed the back of his neck during his heat of the moment outburst.

Alvarez said he is mulling pressing charges against Farrell, which really seems like a desperate ploy to convert his 15 seconds of fame. 

“I don't talk to women like that. We are just doing a job here and people get in the way. I did apologize. If I had known it was his sister I would not have said it. Or just been more careful,” he added.

Anyway, in happier news, People magazine confirmed that Colin’s Polish girlfriend Alicja Bachleda is indeed expecting the couple’s first child together. The two met on the Irish set last year of Neil Jordan’s upcoming film "Ondine," which premiered in Toronto on Monday night. The mom-to-be wasn’t there, but Colin called on a couple of other pals to stand in – namely Bono and The Edge, on a mini-break from U2’s U.S. tour.

“I know them through the years. It is very cool for them to be here, I have been a massive fan since I was a kid,” Farrell said.

The 33-year-old says he’s looking forward to being a father again. "I'm very excited man! Very! There is nothing more exciting really."