Andrea O'Connor from Dundalk, County Louth, is one of "Sex and the City 2s" film's assistant directors and worked for many months on the making of the movie which released in our movie theaters at midnight last night.

O'Connor, 42, has been living in the US for 23 years and has worked on movies including Sweet Home Alabama, US Marshals, Vanilla Sky and Thomas Crown Affair and now can add "Sex and the City 2" to her resume.

However, unlike most avid fans who will be rushing out to see the movie this weekend, O'Connor- also a fan- will have to wait a few more weeks before seeing the final product on screen.

O'Connor is currently filming in the Ukraine.

O'Connor told The Dundalk Democrat on Tuesday that she didn't expect anyone to be disappointed with the finished product.

"I am not surprised by the reaction to the film. It was always crazy when we shot outside the studio and it has become such a huge deal.

"I got invited to a cast and crew screening but I am filming in Crimea at the moment so I probably won't get to see it until I head back to New York this summer as nothing is in English here."

O'Connor said she is a very proud Irish woman.

"I am very proud of my Cox's (housing estate in Dundalk) roots. I know that it has got a bad reputation in the past but the people there are wonderful and everybody when I was growing up look out for each other," she said.

Dundalk woman, Assistant director on SATC 2