Experience the endearing and enduring relationship between a brave 71-year-old Irish mom, Nancy, and her daredevil son, Baz Ashmawy, as they grab life by the horns on a unique journey to experience extreme adventures together.

They’re the kind of stunts that keep a parent up at night with worry, but in “50 Ways to Kill Your Mother,” Mom is along for the ride. From skydiving to alligator wrestling, this six-part series follows Ashmawy as he sets sail across the globe with a bucket list designed to test his mum’s mettle.

This week (Thursday, February 12 at 10/9c) Ashmawy and Nancy are on their way to Thailand.

Fourteen years ago presenter Baz Ashmawy backpacked his way around Thailand and eventually returned home to Dublin with a fist full of memories and a Buddha tattoo. Now he wants to return to the ‘Land of smiles’ with his 71-year-old mother for a trip that may just kill her but at the very least will push her way outside of her comfort zone.

Nancy hates foreign food, humidity and traffic, so Bangkok seems a likely place to start their adventure together. Ashmawy signs his mother up for a cameo in Bangkok’s largest Ladyboy cabaret and if she doesn’t die of stage fright then belting down some river rapids on a white-water raft ought to do the trick. Nancy also learns how to handle Asian elephants in the Chiang Mai jungle, and the delicate technique of nipple piercing, using her own son as practice.

Next up (Thursday, February 19 at 10/9c) the daring pair are off to Cambodia. So far their journey has taken them through three continents and for Ashmawy and Nancy Cambodia is last stage of their death defying adventure.

Nancy likes scrabble and baking brown bread. Baz believes a spot of scuba diving and tarantula hunting is more likely to put pep in her step and make her feel more alive. To face her final fears, Baz arranges for his mother to Zipline through the treetops of the Cambodian jungle and takes her on a bone rattling adventure in an old US army jeep. Then, what better way to reflect on their life changing journey together, than being marooned on a desert island with nothing but a chicken and a fish to see them through.