A young man strides purposefully down a street in Dublin, bag in right hand and confidently going about his day.

Then he slips on the icy sidewalk, his white trainers fly into the air and he cracks his skull off the pavement.

And in doing so he becomes a sensation on the Internet!

Since the clip of the poor chap taking a tumble was broadcast on January 8 on an RTE News update on the freezing weather, close to one million people have watched the young man’s demise, squirming and sniggering at the same time!

And who is this gentle soul who provided us with such a classic moment of schadenfreude?

No one knows.

"Unfortunately, apart from speaking to the man after the incident and making sure that he was all right and aware that he was being filmed, we didn't take his name and have had no further contact with him,” said an RTE spokeswoman.

"There are at least a couple of people on Facebook who are claiming to be him, but none of them seems to be the real guy."

Whoever you are sir, we say thank you for such a moment of levity, and here’s hoping that your headache is long gone!