Irish native Brian Loughnane, employed as an investment operations manager and based in Scituate, MA (the 'most Irish town in America') defeated the winningest female contestant in the history of the popular game show "Jeopardy" on Monday night.

Julia Collins, from Chicago, had won "Jeopardy" 20 times, amassing a prize package of $428,100 in the process. But Monday’s final round question – about the New England writer who in 1999 became the last person to win an Oscar for adapting his own novel as a screenplay – stumped her.  

The answer was John Irving and his novel and film was "Cider House Rules."  Collins bet it all on the final question and came up with nothing; new champ Loughnane won with $22,000.

“Congrats to Brian on a well-played victory! Thought he’d be a tough opponent and, well, he was!” Collins tweeted on Monday evening.

Collins enters the record books as the second all-time "Jeopardy" champ behind Ken Jennings, who won 74 straight games. She will return for the tournament of champions next season.