The night an Irishman punched Russell Crowe on the nose in a Los Angeles bar has become a big hit as a song on a new album by the band "Gaelic Storm "who famously played in the Titanic movie thirteen years ago.

The song 'The Night I Punched Russell Crowe " has gone down incredibly well with audiences says singer Patrick Murphy who says he actually punched Crowe.

That was when he was managing an Irish pub in Los Angeles, and Crowe drank there.

One night the Aussie star decided to light up a cigarette which was not allowed.

Murphy asked him to stub it out but Crowe refused.

A fight ensued and Murphy landed a haymaker on Crowe's nose.

Now the incident is immortalized as "The night I punched Russell Crowe."

Steve Twigger co-wrote the words with Murphy and says he feels sorry for Crowe. "I sort of feel bad for him," he told the Lincoln Journal Star "He's done so many good movies. He's a freaking awesome actor. In my book, that allows him to get away with a lot."

"I didn't witness the actual altercation, but Patrick has told the story endlessly.

"It's a funny story. I finally said we've got to write this into a song.

"I know he knows about the song," Twigger said. "I know he's pissed about it. “I hate to jump on the bandwagon. We didn't make up some story. This really happened."

The song is the final track on Gaelic Storm's seventh CD, "Where the Rumpus?"