An Irish musician began his effort to break the Guinness World Record for the most time spent playing a guitar.

The 101 hour long adventure will be taking place at The Temple Bar pub in Dublin, in which Dave Browne is a regular musician. In order to break the record Dave Browne has to exceed the current record holder Argentinean Guillermo Terraza’s record set at 100 hours, which he completed May of last year.

“It’s been something that I have been planning to do for years now and I feel as though I am finally ready for it,” Browne said.

Browne, who has played with bands like The Commitments, The Dubliners, Aslan and the Pogues, will be joined by friends and fellow musicians as he begins his world-record attempt.

He has been in training for the past nine weeks and although he feels “fit and ready for what’s ahead,” the biggest challenge for the guitarist will be staying awake despite his lack of sleep.


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The rules were posted on the bar’s website and read as follows:

Throughout the attempt, recognizable tunes must be played to a reasonable standard and with no more than 30 second pauses in between each song, as play must be continuous.

Standard instruments must be used, and each piece of music must last at least two minutes and cannot be repeated within four hours. No improvising is allowed, and a record of all tunes must be kept.

A five minute break can be taken after every hour completed or after six straight hours of playing with no breaks, Dave can have a 30 minute break to sleep.

The Temple Bar pub manager Martin Deegan supports Dave Browne on his venture saying: “It promises to be a thrilling and fun 101 hours.”

Dave Browne’s progress is being posted and can be followed on Twitter and Facebook, and live streaming can be watched on the bar’s website.!/TheTempleBarPub