Youtube sensation Crystal Swing has appeared on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The singing group is made up of Mary Murray-Burke and her children Derek and Dervla.

They first became popular when Ellen showed a YouTube clip of the trio on her St. Patrick's Day special.

However, Crystal Swing’s rendition of "He Drinks Tequila" has become a hit for the wrong reasons.

"People like this make a joke of our country. It makes "My Lovely Horse" (Father Ted) sound like the Dark Side of the Moon," said one comment on the site.

Another viewer was concerned about Ireland's image in the U.S. and is worried that they may come across as extras from the Disney movie “Darby O'Gill and the little people.”

"The yanks already think we go around on horse and kart playing tin whistles, ye have officially put us back a hundred years in the real world...Cheers"

On Monday night's show, Burke presented Ellen with a bottle of Jameson whiskey which she says was crafted in their local town of Middleton. 

The group performed their version of "He Drinks Tequila" and then Derek performed his rendition of "The Hucklebuck.”

After their appearance on Ellen’s show, the group said they are expecting a flood of bookings.

Although the group is a flop in Ireland and Britain, U.S. viewers have defended the trio.

One viewer said, "people in America are loving it right now. They're pretty good sooo . . . maybe you people who hate it need to_ broaden your horizons?"