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Though they are arguably the most hated contestants ever in the history of British talent show “The X Factor,” the Irish “terrible twins” sure are getting plenty of attention.

Many are saying that 17-year-old identical twins John and Edward Grimes are the “next Susan Boyle” in terms of their star status.

The Dublin born singers, dubbed “The Brothers Grim” by the tabloids, caused a stir when they burst on to “The X Factor” scene with their “faux-American accents and questionable singing ability,” as the Irish Independent puts it.

The boys performed The Backstreet Boys hit “As Long As You Love Me,” and won over “X Factor” judge and famous Irish boy band manager Louis Walsh. Walsh is the mentor for groups competing on the show, including the Irish twins, and though he admits John and Edward aren’t great singers he believes they will be “great pop stars.”

The home audience, however, was not as impressed. When the twins were chosen as one of the 12 “X Factor” finalists, an astounding 400 groups with over 100,000 members were set up on Facebook calling for the Irish boys to be axed from the show, and only 1,800 people have signed up online to support them.

Even Simon Cowell isn’t a fan, branding John and Edward “vile little creatures,” while fellow “X Factor” judge Dannii Minogue called them "the cockiest singers without a record deal" after their performance.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, like Susan Boyle, the Irish terrible twins have shot to overnight stardom.

“They are the big story – the story everyone’s talking about,” Walsh told Britain’s Telegraph. “Nobody’s talking about the real singers in the show. They’re all talking about John and Edward.”

On Saturday, the duo will learn if they have been chosen to go on to the next stage when they perform for a live audience in London.

And despite all the naysayers, the Irish people who know them personally have their back.

Their father John Grimes poo-pooed the haters, saying: "My lads are great. We are all really proud of them and behind them 100 percent.”

The twins’ former sports coach Ann McGee told the Irish Independent that they’re just putting on an act to get attention. "From my experience they're lovely lads, and I think they are probably playing up to the camera," she said.

Meanwhile, the brothers have their own interesting opinion on their controversial status, saying: “We're like frosted flakes – some people are afraid to admit they like us.”