Best selling Author Marian Keyes says she is baking her way out of her severe depression. The romantic writer has been buried so deep in depression that she has been unable to write for months.

Keyes - whose bestsellers included "Rachel's Holiday," "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married" and "This Charming Man" revealed earlier this year that she was "crippled by depression."

"I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't write. I can't read. I can't talk to people. The worst thing is I feel it will never end," she said.

But now that is changing. Fellow author Kate Thompson goes hill walking with Keyes regularly and says Keyes is trying to bake her way out of the blues.

"She finds baking terrific therapy for the blues and she make the most delicious breakfast bars I've ever tasted," she said.

Now Keyes is baking treats for the cast and crew of Thompson's hit Irish TV show "Fair City."

Thompson plays a predatory older wife in "Fair City" and she says the author's cakes have gone down a treat.

"A big pink heart-shaped cake was delivered into the make-up department and set upon by bored and hungry actors.

Keyes' books have been published in 33 languages, selling more than 23 million books in 17 years.

However, the much feted author says she can not even tackle a novel now.

She says she can only focus on "bits and pieces because I can't manage novels."

But baking may be just the right recipe to get her back.

Marian Keyes: Gripped by crippling depression