Irish student, Jonny Campbell, set the Irish media up for an early April Fool's prank yesterday, when he announced that he had won a worldwide contest to become Charlie Sheen's social media intern.

Campbell, a design student from Belfast, tweeted  that he had received confirmation that he has landed the position following rounds of competition with other applicants from all over the world.

Campbell will manage "Team Sheen's" Twitter account and social media profile. Speaking to Ulster Television he said it would be “quite a ride” to work with Sheen during the eight-week paid internship.

The position was advertised on Sheen's site three weeks ago. Campbell said "The first round had 100,000 people who applied and after that it dwindled down to 77,000, then it dwindled down to 250. At that stage we had to submit a video – that was Friday."

However the Irish student revealed late last night after widespread media coverage of his win that he oulled what he described as an “audacious stunt to hold up a mirror to the absurdity of the cult of celebrity”.

Watch below for the video clip which he claimed landed him the internsip with the troubled star.