Irish stars, Michael Fassbender,("Prometheus") and Domhnall Gleeson are to star in a new rock comedy "Frank".

Fassbenderwill play the title role of "Frank," an eccentric and mysterious rock star who recruits a budding young musician, played by Gleeson, to his rock band.

"Frank" is written by British journalist and humorist Jon Ronson, known for his book "The Men Who Stare At Goats" and directed by Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson according to the Guardian.

This new comedy will be an exciting project for Fassbender, an in demand actor who has played a wide range of roles from David the robot in "Prometheus", to Bobby Sands in "Hunger", to sex addict in "Shame", among others on the big screen. 

Since his role in HBO's "Band of Brothers", Fassebender has acted in a number of films with no indication of slowing down.

Fans of the "Harry Potter" series will recognize Gleeson from his role as Bill Weasley. He also has roles in a comic book adapation of "Judge Dredd" and the upcoming movie "Anna Karenina", which stars Keira Knightly. 

"Frank" is due to start in late 2012. 

Here's a video of Jon Ronson talking about his future projects: