Fox’s newest series ‘Terra Nova’ premiered this past Monday at 8pm. Dublin native Jason O’Mara portrays Jim Shannon, a devoted father with a checkered past, who guides his family through the colony of Terra Nova. O’Mara gained notoriety through his role on ABC’s ‘Life on Mars.’

Terra Nova is dedicated to saving mankind in the year 2149, which by when Earth has fallen victim to overpopulation and deteriorating air conditions. Scientists by then have discovered a way to harness time travel and travel back to the prehistoric era in hopes of correcting future mistakes to save mankind.

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The show, which has gained some attention for its budget-busting sets and effects, isn’t without its share of danger when it comes to filming. O’Mara shared with the Sydney Morning Herald how he received a spider-bite while filming, and thought it to be much worse: “I started screaming like a young girl and ripped my shirt off. I was in a panic until an Aussie crew member came up, looked at the bite and said, 'That's just an ant, mate'. I said 'Are you sure it's not a spider?' and he said 'Nah, mate. It's just a fire ant'."

Makes one wonder what O’Mara will be like during his prehistoric dinosaur scenes?

Tune into Terra Nova on FOX 8pm EST on Mondays.

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