While the majority of viewers are drooling over Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan’s performance as the shirtless, dominant Christian Grey, a few have spoken out against the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer, arguing that it publicly normalizes sexual violence against women.

The trailer, like the book, runs on sexual energy – the shy, mousy Anastasia Steele comes to interview the confident male, and quickly falls prey to his desires while she discovers her own.

Though the relationship appears in the trailer to be consensual, there is a clear imbalance of sexual power. “I’m incapable of leaving you alone,” Mr. Grey says, to which Anastasia replies sexually, “Then don’t.” Then it quickly shoots to multiple scenes showing his control over her, including whips and chains.

“The implications of such a relationship—abuse of power, female inequality, coercion, and sexual violence—glamorizes and legitimizes violence against women,” Morality in Media said in a press release.

“The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey among women sends a message to men that this is what women really want. Even more dangerous, it also sends the message to women that they can “fix” violent, controlling men by being obedient and loving.”

Dornan, who grew up in Belfast, is now slightly stuck in the muck playing a man whose role has become quite controversial since being put on the big screen.

Some tweeting fans who loved the trailer:

And some who didn't:

One thing I think all viewers have agreed on, however, is Beyoncé's unreal "Crazy in Love" reprise.