Jim Corr, known worldwide as the musicians and songwriter behind middle of the road Irish pop act The Corrs, has found a new - and some might argue rather paranoiac - calling.

These days Corr is speaking out about what he calls "the end of a once great nation." The nation he's referring to is the United States.

Speaking to the Irish press this week, the 46-year-old said: "I'll be presenting information to the public that I believe is being suppressed by the mainstream media in relation to 9/11 and the engineered financial crash."

Corr believes the worldwide economic crash, which he called "predatory economic warfare," was designed by shadowy financial interests to exploit the world economy.

"I believe the financial crisis has been created so that small countries become so crippled by debt that they have no choice but to sell off their main assets and natural resources,"Corr said.

Corr also believes the U.S. financial crisis was engineered and he also believes that 9/11 was staged.

"When I was first confronted with this information I thought it was crazy as well but out of curiosity I looked some of it up and once I kept studying it I found it quite amazing that what I was being told was backed up by quotes from various people in power and that reinforced for me what I had been told.

Referring to discoveries made at Ground Zero after the attack, Corr added: "I get my information from highly qualified architects, engineers and professors and they tell me that nano-thermites were found in the dust at 9/11 and there is no other explanation for them to be there unless it was a controlled demolition."