Paul Hourican, a songwriter, singer and writer from Dublin Ireland currently living in New York City has penned a Christmas song of Ireland’s economic woes as seen through the eyes of the new generation.

 ’Hard Times In Dublin Again’,is set against the backdrop of Christmas, the time of year where being home is most important to us all. The song is poignant for this time of the year as many emigrants are unable to return home to Ireland for Christmas in Dublin as they left for a better life abroad, following the collapse of the economy in Ireland.

The song focuses on the fallout from Celtic Tiger Ireland. The singer/song writer admits finding the inspiration from the song from a facebook post. A friend had posted a status that he had had enough of Ireland and the song kind of rocketed from there.

In particular the song examines the closeness that Irish people for home around Christmas time.

Paul has been living in New York for over a year and a half now and has high hopes for 2014, including a new album so watch this space….

Here’s the video:

Here's a link to Paul’s website: