Siobhan Magnus, 19, from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, said she auditioned for 'American Idol' because "I love to sing" and "I also figured why not take the chance, i have nothing to lose."

Magnus, whose family are from County Galway in Ireland, says, "it took some motivation from friends and family" to audition because she was really shy.

Magnus  first sang in front of a crowd when she was in fourth grade. Her debut performance was "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

When not singing Magnus loves watching scary movies and horror flicks and minding her little sisters and baby cousins.

"I'm babysitter extraordinaire," she says.

Magnus says it was her mom who was the most excited when she discovered her daughter had reached the top 24.

Idol judge Randy Jackson delivered the good news to Magnus on Wednesday night.

"You should jump for joy because you made it," he said.

Magnus says she feels she made it to the top 24 because "I sound a little different to the others" and "I dress a little different."

Magnus' parents, Alan and Colleen, found out about three weeks ago that their daughter was one of the 12 female finalists on the most watched reality television show in the U.S.

They were obliged to sign a contract with the Fox network, which airs the show, not to tell a soul.

"We pretty much had to shut up about it and tell them to watch the show," Alan Magnus told a Cape Cod Daily newspaper after last night's show.

"It was killing me. The phone has been ringing for a month."

Magnus left Cape Cod for California yesterday morning.

She will perform live this coming Tuesday on American Idol.

The young Irish American said she would miss her "cat, family and boyfriend," the most.

Alan said he will probably vote for his daughter at least "1,000 times."

Magnus said she is the next American Idol because she feels an "American Idol should be someone who takes on the responsibility of being someone so many people admire and look up to," and she is that person.

Magnus, who is an apprentice glassblower, said one of the things that sets her apart from others is the fact that she is a very responsible person.

"I've experienced a lot where i have been forced to grow up and I've handled a lot of stress." she said.

As a result Magnus believes she has good tolerance for pressure and is able to meet expectations head on.

Brooke Morrison, who works with Magnus at Morrison Glassworks, said he was very proud of his friend.

"I never really watched the show too much but now i will be," he said.

Morrison feels Magnus has everything it takes to win 'American Idol.'

"She has it all, you know. She has the perfect voice and the perfect soul. She is just awesome," he said.

Morrison said Magnus is very proud of her Irish heritage and although she has never been to Ireland talks about going there someday.

"I met her cousin this summer. She was over visiting from Ireland," he said.

"I think it was her grandparents that came from Ireland," he added.

John Sullivan, a teacher in Barnstable High School where Magnus attended and the school's Drama Club Director, said the 19-year old has appeared in more than 40 theatrical productions since age six.

"She's just the most amazing voice you'll ever hear," Sullivan said. Her professionalism and vocal control will get her far in the "American Idol" competition, Sullivan predicted before yesterday's show.

"She's got a good head on her shoulders, she knows what she wants," he said.