“Bloodline” is a new short film that depicts historical selective breeding of horses for speed with a focus on Ireland's contribution to excellence in thoroughbred horse breeding.

The film focuses on  the significance of Science Foundation Ireland's funded research into thoroughbred horse genomics at University College Dublin in the context of the global thoroughbred horse racing.

The story features one of the world's highest ranked racehorses horses of 2013, Dawn Approach, who represents a pinnacle of modern horse speed.

Working with a team of Irish and international scientists in 2009, Dr Emmeline Hill discovered that a tiny similarity in horses’ DNA that could be used to identify their optimum racing distance. Put simply: she found “the speed gene.”

Hill’s work at the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science led to further research, which traced the gene’s origin back to a single British horse who lived 300 years ago.

Equinome, the company she founded with top Irish trainer Jim Bolger, now markets and sells the speed gene test to breeders, trainers and bloodstock buyers across the world.

The film focuses on the horse's physical superiority and unique character, and captures the essence of speed using innovative filming techniques.

Check out the video here: