READ MORE- The Rubberbandits ‘Horse Outside’ gets almost 1.5 million hits on YouTube

Just over a week after posting their controversial single “Horse Outside” on You-Tube, the Rubberbandits have become an Internet sensation. Their crude song is on the way to clocking up almost two million views on-line.

The song centers around the theme of trying to pick up a bridesmaid at a wedding with the promise of a lift on the Rubberbandit’s horse.

“I don’t need insurance, I don’t need no parking space, and if you try to clamp my horse, he’ll kick you in the face,” the lyrics go.

Last week the Limerick comedy duo aired their single on RTÉ’s Republic of Telly, where they have a weekly slot on the show. Hours after the broadcast it was already clocking up hits on You-Tube and getting the nation taking.

The comedy duo that hail from Co. Limerick are made up of Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome. The like to conceal their identities and always wear balaclava’s made out of plastic bags over their faces.

They were first thrust into he public spotlight for their prank phone-calls and made their first public appearance in August of 2008 in the Trinity Rooms nightclub in Limerick.

In the past year they have played successful gigs at festivals in Ireland including Electric Picnic and the Bulmers Comedy Festival.  They have also enjoyed sell out shows in several Irish venues.

Yesterday the group launched a campaign outside the Irish Parliament to become the number-one selling single at Christmas.

The group has even received a political endorsement from the former Minister of Defense, Willie O’Dea. Singing their praises, he said: "Far from it damaging the image of Limerick... I think that if it goes to number one it'll reflect well on Limerick. It's another success for Limerick.

"It's crude certainly and the language is crude, but I mean I found it hilariously funny."

The former Minister added: "I wish the lads the best and I hope it gets to number one for Christmas".

Irish American comedian, Des Bishop has also commended the comedians.

“We’ve had a rough few weeks and people are looking for a bit of relief, but it’s more than that. People want to be part of it, and that can’t be explained. I’ve always like them, right from their Willie O’Dea song. I watched Horse Outside and thought it was fun, but it was only when I watched it a second time that I realized how good it was. It’s the attention to detail,” he said.

As to the true identity of the comedy set, rumors are rife on the Internet, with suggestions that they could be anyone from Limerick students, to national celebrities in disguise.

The latest reports suggest the funnymen from Limerick are to appear on RTÉ’s Late Late chat show this Friday, which may offer the public more clues as to who exactly these men are.

READ MORE- The Rubberbandits ‘Horse Outside’ gets almost 1.5 million hits on YouTube