Love them or hate them (and let’s face it most people secretly do a bit of both) but the fact is Irish boy band Jedward are making big waves and selling records in surprising numbers.

This week, in an almost unprecedented development, the always obnoxious Irish brothers Eurovision song contest hopes received a major boost when their competing song Waterline charted in several European countries, well over a month before the competition even begins.

What that means is that their European fans have remained surprisingly loyal to the tantruming 20-year-old twins since their first big tour. Known for their trademark blond quiffs, the pair know how to yank chains and get a reaction, which they have decided is a part of their weird appeal.

“It’s going to take us six hours before we even go to the arena on the night to get make-up and hair and everything done,” they announced before they took the stage last year, prompting eye rolls and laughter in equal measure. That groan and laugh at the same time recipie is what ensured their success and the two Lucan born brothers aren’t showing any desire to abandon it.

Jedward will perform in the first Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 22nd in Baku, Azerbaijan.


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