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Irish model Rosanna Davison, who posed on the cover of the October issue of German Playboy,has received a personal invitation from Hugh Hefner to meet at the famed mansion and to appear in a spread for the April edition of the American magazine.

According to the Irish Independent, the Enniskerry native will become the first Miss Worldto grace the pages of the famous magazine, which has over seven million subscribers.

"I still can't quite believe it," the model told the Independent.

"PlayboyGermany were so happy with their European sales that Hugh Hefnergot in touch and asked to meet me and to see whether I wanted to feature in the US magazine.

"He said he loved the idea of having the first Miss World to pose for Playboy in his American edition."

On meeting with Hefner, she said: "It will be great to shake hands with the man himself.

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"I will hopefully get to have a peek around the Mansion and to check out the grotto, of course."

Davison will also make several appearances on chat-shows in the Us and a documentary that will coincide with the photo shoot.

"There's a lot being planned, including filming, plenty of photographs, and my management is working on booking me on to some of the major chat shows, which would be amazing," she said.

"I'm not afraid to work really hard and explore every possible avenue. 2013 looks like it will be a busy year, but that's exactly how I like it.

"It's a much bigger market and the highest level you can reach, but now that I've done it once, I'll probably feel much more confident about it. The US edition is the main Playboy, so that's where the focus is, and of course it has a long history."

Speaking from Frankfurt, Germany, she says she hasn't ruled out the possibility of moving to the US to pursue her career.

"You never know," she said. "I would always consider the possibility, and I plan to spend some time there next year anyway. I might never want to come home."

PHOTOS - check out this slideshow of Rosanna Davison