Susan Boyle mania has spread to the betting parlors, and the Irish are putting their money where their mouths are.

Paddy Power , the most successful bookmaker in Ireland, has posted 20 betting options centered on extending Susan Boyle’s already elongated 15 minutes of fame.

Some of the more reasonable bets on the site ask:

Will a Hollywood movie be made about Susan by 2012? Though probably a shoe-in, the top bookies have set the odds at 5/1.

Will Susan Boyle have a British No. 1 single in 2009/2010? With odds of 9/4, it seems pretty likely.

Other fair chance bets ask if Susan will score a record deal with Simon Cowell, or if Susan will meet President Obama at the White House.

A few ‘dark horse’ Boyle bets have been thrown into the mix as well.

For instance, some are dying to know: Will Susan Boyle date Mel Gibson in 2009? Matchmakers their work cut out for them in that department, with odds of 500/1.

And the question on everyone’s minds these days: Will Susan become the next Playboy centerfold?

Put your money back in your pockets, boys, because according to the experts, boisterous Boyle won’t be stripping down anytime soon – odds are again at 500/1.