Irish model Roz Lipsett has certainly turned up the heat in LA with the Irish beauty's latest video, which has been featured on TMZ. The Dublin native, who has been carving out her modeling career here in America for the past year-and-a-half, decided to gain some attention by appearing half naked and pranking on an unsuspecting but happy construction worker.

Roz strutted her stuff in her underwear and a pair of high heels through the streets of LA. She stopped to pose with a construction worker, and even chipped in with a bit of work in her hardhat.

The worker couldn’t contain his laughter at the Irish beauty and her antics. The model is clearly determined to carve out a successful career for herself and knows how to gain some attention.

Speaking in recent interview she said, "After living in LA for the past year-and-a-half, I've realized a few things," she explained. "This city is so dense with talent that it's pointless to wait around for a big break.

"I decided to make my own luck and have created my own online channel where I've started recording a series of videos. They are comedy-based short viral pieces. The first one will come out this week, so check it out.

"I think there's a void in the industry for female Irish comedic actresses and I would like to fill that."

Check out the video here of Roz strutting her stuff in the LA sunshine: