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Irish model Luiza Hogan will appear on season two of E! Entertainment’s "Playboy Shootout," which is set to air next year.

Hogan cracked the top 10 on the show, which sees 10 photographers and 10 beauty models compete for the grand prize of a photo shoot at Studio West, where many of "Playboy’s" iconic centerfolds have been made.

Hogan was meant to appear on season one but could not make it over to Los Angeles (the show is made in Malibu) due to family commitments.

“Unfortunately I couldn't do it this time around as I had to come home for family reasons but they've promised me I can be in the next series,” Hogan told Dublin newspaper The Evening Herald at the time.

"Basically they were looking for 10 models and 10 photographers and they're shooting it in Malibu at the moment. It sounds fantastic, I'm really sorry I can't go.

"I got to go to the Playboy mansion earlier this year to do a couple of screen tests and I met some of the girls.

"I didn't meet Hugh (Hefner), unfortunately, but I could see him in the distance hanging out with his two girlfriends, the twin sisters," continued Hogan.

While out in L.A. this summer Hogan worked at P. Diddy's’s annual White Party and got to mingle with the rich and famous.

She’s certainly making the right moves to establish a glamour career in Hollywood, and if she wins "Playboy Shootout," then tinseltown might see a lot more of the Tallaght woman!