Louise Kavanagh, 24, a model for Assets Fashion in Dublin, has just received the exciting offer to go “chill out by the pool and relax;” the pool that she’s referring to is none other than that of the Playboy mansion in LA.

According to Herald. ie, Kavanagh, who ironically describes herself as being “rubbish at maths in school,” has received the pool-party offer after getting a job as a croupier at London’s new Playboy Club. Although she’s had little experience in the gambling field prior to this, she spent close to three months at “a special ‘Bunny School’ in Covent Garden, London.” There, she learned all the games that she would need to know for her new job.

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Ms. Kavanagh, who has been tied to Andy Quirke, the heir to Dr. Quirkey’s, claims that although Hefner is just recently single after being dumped by Crystal Harris, she’s not really expecting romance with the Playboy publisher. “I don’t think I’d be his type, I’m not blonde,” the Herald reported. “I’m definitely a million percent going to go over to the mansion, though.”

The former Miss Universe contestant for Ireland claims that she received the invitation from Hugh Hefner himself at the London Playboy Club’s VIP launch party. She was invited along with the other 70 young women working at the club. Although no official plans have been made as of this point, the model hopes to go there with friends by the end of the summer. She expressed, "It's definitely something I want to do. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. We've nothing booked yet but we're going to start planning it soon."