‘Up and Over It” the hand dancing video composed by Irish dancers Peter Harding and Suzanne Cleary has now had close to  2 million hits on You Tube.

Harding and Cleary have toured with  Riverdance but have never enjoyed the exposure they are getting now through their hand dancing.
Irish dancers learn their dance steps  with their hands, usually beating on their laps or chests, Harding told the Wall Street journal , “just so your head can kind of get around it.”

They sent five days working with film director Johnny Reed and they rehearsed another five days and then set the hand dancing to electro beat song  “We No Speak Americano,” Then it took two hours to film.

Your hands “get really sore,” Harding  admitted. “Actually to create beats like that on a wooden table, it gets really, really sore. I mean, sometimes you get splinters and swollen knuckles.”

They also used sign language messages, “for choreographic reasons.”

“There are messages there, but if anyone can decipher them, then they’re more than welcome,” he added.

“Hand dancing was kind of one alternative to that (traditional scene), and we knew that it would capture imaginations and, you know, make people think differently about Irish dance.”

The duo  say they are reinventing Irish dance, dancing to electro pop music, wearing more fashionable clothes They have really started to connect and just performed at London Fashion Week. They will  tour in the near future.

Their video is on upandoverit.com.