A graphic novel set in Ireland, giving a modern spin on old Irish folklore tales, have been published by Image comics, the same company who published “The Walking Dead.” “The Hunt” is the first all Irish comic published through a major publisher, which has hit the stands.

The novel follows the story of Orla Roche and her “intense story of survival.” The blurb exclaims “Dream or reality? For a long time, teenager Orla Roche couldn't tell them apart, and now “The Hunt” is coming with its nightmare world of the restless dead. An intense story of survival, “The Hunt” is a supernatural horror tale that will give Irish mythology a distinctly modern twist.”

A native of Northern Ireland, Colin Lorimer, is one of the Irish writers and artists who has been working on “The Hunt.” Lorimer in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, working in the areas of film, gaming, animation, and comic books. He is a critically acclaimed creator, and award-winning storyboard artist. Colin currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife, Jacinta, and son, Olin.

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In a recent interview Lorimer explained that the novel’s “based loosely on the European myth of “The Wild Hunt” about a horde of ghostly huntsmen who come at night as a warning to an upcoming catastrophe. It was also believed that those who witnessed it may have found themselves stolen away and taken into the Faerie otherworld while others may have had their souls pulled from their bodies to join with this deathly army racing across the skies.”

Lorimer continued “Each country has its own variation on the tale – “The Hunt” is based upon the Irish version of this tale and is known as “The Sluagh.” More feared than death itself, these are the most vile, evil creatures imaginable, and their main object is to steal the souls of the dying and torture them for all eternity. This would be “Peter Pan” if reimagined and written by Clive Barker and visualized by the likes of Francis Bacon and Zdzislaw Beksinki. Scary stuff. If you are looking for your new horror fix, “The Hunt” may be the one for you.”

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