‘The Guard, the Irish movie directed by John Michael McDonagh and starring Brendan Gleeson has  opened to rave reviews.

The movie is already setting box office records in Ireland where it has grossed over $3 million, a massive sum there for a new film.

The New York Times stated that the film is “popping with glorious, bright color and off-color jokes.”

The review states that Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle who star in the movie are “two of the best utility players in contemporary cinema.”

The Times says that Gleeson steals the movie which is about an FBI agent dropped into an Irish village in search of international drug dealers . Gleeson plays the local policeman or guard.

“Aided and abetted by the writer and director John Michael McDonagh, Mr. Gleeson grabs the film early and runs. …If you’re looking for some Irish sentimentalism, look elsewhere,” says The Times

“There’s a story, in case you’re looking for one, though it’s almost an afterthought, just the thin glue holding everything together, including the fine cast, the sense of broody place and the fatalism that seems to come with it. Mostly there’s Mr. McDonagh’s playful, sometimes overly cute language, which serves the actors and also threatens to upstage them.. Mr. Gleeson’s rogue is a treat, however conceptually contrived, and Mr. Cheadle’s lightly played gravity is a pleasure,” says the review.”



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The Los Angles Times was equally gushing. Critic Kenneth Turan writes; ”As befits a film set in the spacious west of Ireland, "The Guard" is not a breath but a great gust of very funny fresh air. An impish and impudent black comedy that knows where it's going and how to get there, it gives veteran actor Brendan Gleeson one of the tastiest roles of his career and introduces a gifted writer-director with a familiar family name.”

“The Irish, Boyle (Gleeson’s character) says, never forget, and this is one Irish film that will stay in the memory for quite some time to come.” concludes The LA Times.

Meanwhile Reuters also gave the movie a rave saying “You wouldn't want to mess with Gerry Boyle, Brendan Gleeson's acid-dropping, three-way whoring, pint-slugging Irish cop in the smart new comedy, "The Guard."


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