Princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton doesn’t need to become the “the next Princess Diana” to be loved, according the Irish fashion designer Paul Costelloe.

The famed Irish designer says he hopes that Middleton doesn’t turn out to be a carbon copy of the late Princess Diana.

He explained, "She's a lovely girl, she dresses well and she's got a nice figure. But I just don't think we should be sending her into these fashion areas where she doesn't want to be.

"She shops in Peter Jones in Sloane Square, she bought some of my clothes probably during the sale, which is great. You know, we don't need another Princess Diana, as much as I had great pleasure in dressing her."

Meanwhile, fellow Irish fashion designer John Rocha praised “gorgeous” Kate for always looking stylish while remaining a “normal” person.

He told BBC News, "I think she's a gorgeous lady. It's great that she's been able to get the whole country excited. We're proud of her and the whole occasion.

"I think she's very stylish and what I like about her is she's a normal person and I think that's very important to bring the whole royal family into the new century," he added.