It’s “The Golden Girls” meets “Sex in the City” in a new reality show set in a retirement home, and the star is an ex-nun from Ireland.

Ann, an Irish woman who was a nun for 21 years, is a member of a bawdy Arizona senior’s community on the new reality show “Sunset Daze.” The show is set to  premiere tonight on WE TV.
“The golden years just got more golden” is the tagline of the show, which follows a group of retirees going about their everyday activities such as library visits, riffle shooting and skydiving. But there's lots of randy behavior and men-chasing as well.

Raised in Collinstown, County Westmeath, Ann spent over 21 years as a nun until she realized she had to follow her heart. “I was trying to be someone I was not,” she said.

At the age of 46,  she met her husband, John, and started a new life. They moved to a town called Surprise, Arizona after falling in love with the place.

“My perception of the aging process since I moved here has become more positive. I now see the aging process as a time to revisit my dreams and make them happen,” said Ann.
When Ann’s family back home in Ireland heard she was moving into a retirement community, their reaction was exactly as you would expect.

“They visualized me living with old people waiting to die,” she said. How wrong they were.
In the first episode of the show, “Retired not Dead,” Ann takes a ride in a wind tunnel and then decides to do a real sky dive.

Reflecting on her decision she said: “I now realize I’ve missed the real moments of life.” She also said that she never found the peace that she felt skydiving while praying in the convent.
“I am now mature enough to be in the moment, to live in the moment and recognize that it is my journey and not a journey to please anyone else,” she said, as she reflected on how she has changed with age.