"Blackfish" (2013) gives it’s viewers an inside look at the seedy underbelly of SeaWorld and other similar parks. In February of 2010, an Irish SeaWorld EMT named Thomas Tobin was interviewed by a local detective in the investigation about the gruesome death of a trainer. 

He recalled the brutal manner in which the trainer was tossed around like a plaything of the Orca and in the end ‘her arm was nowhere’, which implied that the whale had eaten it.

This brutally honest documentary highlights why Orcas shouldn’t be kept in captivity and used like circus animals.

The main reasons being their strict social order within their pods and that their paralimbic regions (used for processing emotions) are much larger and more complex than the human equivalent.

Whether or not you agree with the sentiments above, the documentary is worth a watch as it certainly is shocking and educating. It is currently available on Netflix Instant watch.

Here's the trailer: