PHOTOS - Rozanna Purcell photo gallery
Rozanna Purcell, the reigning Miss Universe Ireland and Donald Trump backed Irish model, will soon feature in her first photo shoot for GQ magazine. She's in with a change of becoming the US magazine's cover girl. She's now in the final four of an online competition.

Purcell, who is close to achieving her dream of becoming a Victoria's Secret model, appeared in the South African edition of GQ magazine in July / August 2010.

She said "I'm in the final four to be the new GQ girl where I get to do a cover if I win…I also just found out I landed a feature in the July/August issue with a shoot I did with Daniel Holfeld so I'm really excited."

The GQ competition reads "We've photographed 10 top models in lingerie (thank you Wonderbra), and asked them to answer some stock questions, so that you, dear reader, can help us to decide which of these beauties will make the mag.

"Introducing Rozanna. She's just 20-years old, has a dog named Dan the Man and calls Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist a must read. Hosanna!"

Although she's hugely excited about working with GQ Purcell's real dream is to be a Victoria's Secret model.

She said "For girls involved in modeling, and even girls not involved in modelling, Victoria's Secret appears to be this ideal thing…Every boy knows what Victoria's Secret is. Every girl does, too. If you get that, your modeling career would be amazing. The girls are so gorgeous and they have this strong image about them. It's something very desirable."

PHOTOS - Rozanna Purcell photo gallery


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