The Irish designer Paul Costelloe is currently planning to expand his brand into the United States and Asia. His first US exposure will include his range of jewelry at a major trade fair in New York in January.

‘‘We are definitely looking at going into America, particularly on the jewelry side,” Costelloe told the Sunday Business Post in Ireland.

‘‘It’s just the jewelry at this point but it’s a step in the right direction. We need to get the brand in and then we can work from there.”

His second jewelry range, The Ivy Collection, was launched this week in Ireland. Following on from the success of Merrion Collection, his new line includes 25 exclusive sterling and silver pieces.

Costelloe also said he was looking to China as he recognizes the importance of the Asian market especially considering the slowdown of both the Irish and English economies.

‘‘You have to be looking at these other markets because, whatever about Ireland, the UK is quite dormant in any growth.

‘‘I think it is an important market, but we have to be looking outside the UK and Ireland to develop. I really think it’s Asia and the United States – where the Irish are still received very well, but not using the shamrock as a marketing shield.”

‘‘You have to keep motivating yourself, contacting people, knocking on doors and looking at other markets – getting the right relationships with companies that are willing to invest in the Costelloe brand,” he said.

‘‘Consolidation is not something I ever anticipate. Ladies wear dominates and is still the leading part of my business.

“Everything hangs on that and it’s important that it remains the nucleus of what I do. I was the first to show at London Fashion Week and somebody still seems to think I’m reasonably worth backing,” he added.

Costelloe explained that because he has several strands to his business he hasn't been too badly affected by the economic downturn.