Irish designer Don O'Neill, whose dresses have been worn by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Carrie Underwood, came to the rescue for an Oscar-nominated producer who had trouble finding something to wear for Hollywood's biggest night.

Eimear O'Kane, the producer of the Oscar-nominated Irish short film 'Pentecost,' is six months pregnant and didn't have anything to wear to the ceremony. She mentioned her predicament on the radio when the designer's sister Deirdre Mahony heard her.

Mohony told her brother of O'Kane's situation and he stepped up and offered O'Kane a selection of dresses, according the Irish Times.

“It wasn’t an easy task to find a suitable dress in my condition but Don O’Neill and his team were very patient with me and gave me a big selection of dresses to choose from,” said O'Kane.

The Irish nominee picked a free-flowing empire line dress. “I adore it. It is very elegant and well-structured but comfortable, thankfully.”

Said the designer: “ My sister Deirdre told me she heard that Eimear had no dress for the Oscars and here am I with loads of dresses. I told my PR director Melissa that we have to help.

“A helping hand, a kind gesture can make such a difference in someone’s life, and hopefully they someday will pass along that kindness.”

O’Kane said: “I may have joked about getting to the Oscars once or twice but it’s never something I anticipated or dared to imagine,” she said. “There are so many high-quality short films made every year all over the world and only five of those get nominated so to be one of those five is an incredible honour.”

The Lucan-born producer knew 'Pentecost' was special as soon she read the script.

“And when I saw the final cut there was definitely a sense that we had a great little film on our hands.”

Set in 1977, 'Pentecost' tells the story of 11-year-old Damian Lynch who is asked to serve as an altar boy at an important Mass. Damian is serving a three-month ban from football because he knocked the priest off the altar. His father offers him the chance to see his beloved Liverpool play in the European Cup final if he acts as the perfect altar boy.

The film, which is written and directed by Peter McDonald and funded by the Irish Film Board, has already won Best Irish Short Film at the Corona Cork Film Festival and has been shown in more than 40 film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival.