After stomping through three rounds of competition, the Irish dancers of Prodijig were named "Got To Dance" champions Sunday evening.

"We're just all going to take a bit each, and then just growing Prodijig," the dance crew's leader and choreographer Alan Kenefick said of the £250,000 prize in a post-show Sky1 interview.

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Prodijig immediately captured the judges' attention in the first round of auditions. Wowed by the Irish dancers' use of hip hop, tap, flamenco and drill in a number choreographed to Kanye West's hit "Power," judge Adam Garcia told the troupe, "You could win this."

Prodijig astonished the show's live audience and judges again with a semi-final round performance:

And once more with Sunday's final performance:

In the end, Prodijig fulfilled Garcia's prediction, winning the 2012 title.

But the dancers of Prodijig aren't newbies to success. Among the seven dancers -- Kenefick, Dane McKiernan, Darren Casey, Craig Mason, Andy O'Reilly, Christina Havlin and Ciara McGillan -- are former Riverdance leads; and regional, national and world champion step dancers.

Back in 2008, Kenefick posted this solo dance video to YouTube, highlighting his impeccable rhythm and precise footwork:

For those of us who've been watching this video -- slack-jawed, wide-eyed -- for the last three years, we're not surprised by the sudden and immense success thrust upon Kenefick and his crew. This win has been lifetimes of practice, dedication and innovation in the making.

Now, we anxiously await the Prodijig world tour, which -- apparently -- is in the works.

Congratulations, Prodijig!

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