TapTronic getting down in the NYC Subway
(Photo: Brian Doherty)

TapTronic, a group of Irish dancers known for choreographing steps to electronic tracks, released another video last week – this time setting up on (and under) the streets of New York City.

In the new video, the Irish dancing men of TapTronic – Ciaran Plummer, Zach Klingenberg and recent recruit Colin Fleck – are joined by the Marrow Dance troupe, a California-based company, for the first third of the video. The three men of TapTronic remain seated as female dancers in whimsical white dresses perform a sorrowful choreographed number.

“The haunting vocals at the start of the start of the song immediately captured our attention but had us wondering whether or not to even dance until the ‘drop’ in the track,” Klingenberg and Plummer wrote in an email. “With that, we knew that something needed to be done with the chilling introduction to the track which led us to contact our long time, very talented friend and choreographer Jason Gorman.”

The decision to shoot against the vibrant background of New York City’s bright lights – a stark contrast to the dark studio footage featuring Marrow Dance – wasn’t entirely intentional, but it works.

“Looking at it now, perhaps the contrast between the black and white intro and the flood of color throughout the NYC footage is one of the major things that allowed this piece to work so well,” the TapTronic men added.