Daughter helps mommy when she gets injured during
an Irish dance competition
Photo: Christy Dorrity
This month I've seen some dramatic changes in the way I feel, and the way my clothing fits. I have tremendous stamina, am learning more than one dance at a time (something I couldn't do before), and my confidence shows in the way I attack my routines.

Month: 8
Weight: 143
Weight lost: 12 pounds
Muscle gained: 14.17
Total fat loss: 26.73

Life is not perfect--it is full of holidays, vacations, desserts and days when you just can't exercise. But what happens when you sustain an injury and are unable to dance and workout?

It would be easy to give up and say, "that lifestyle change was a good idea, but it's too hard". But you don't have to. Here are some ideas for helping you recover and get back to your goals.

Three ways to push through an injury:

1. Follow all of your doctors instructions. Use all prescribed medications and support products that will help speed recovery. Don't begin dancing until your doctor gives you the go ahead--even if you feel fine. 
2. Use the down time for strength training and mental conditioning.  Stretch uninjured muscles, take a walk (doctor permitting) and research new techniques. Put on some of your favorite practice music and visualize yourself dancing a perfect step. Keep your body and mind sharp, and you won't even miss a beat. 
3. Take it slow. When you go back to dance class, listen to your body. If your injury starts to feel painful or strained, lower your intensity level, or sit it out and observe the lesson.
If you follow your doctors instructions, use the down time for conditioning, and take it easy coming back to dance, you will be back on your feet in no time.
What are your experiences with injuries as a dancer?  How do you cope when you hit a rough spot in your lifestyle change? Did it take you long to get back in the jig of things or did you have setbacks?

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