The 6,000 Irish dancers and 15,000 spectators who descended upon the city of Philadelphia last week put the Pennsylvania city on the map according to Senior Communications Manager for the Philadelphia Conventions and Visitors Center – the official tourism and marketing agent for the city of Philadelphia – Liz Sullivan.

“Having the World Irish Dancing Championships in Philadelphia was wonderful,” said Sullivan.

“We would welcome them back every year with open arms if they wanted to come back.”

Sullivan, a third generation Irish American with roots in County Cork, hailed the eight day event as “a great experience for the city of Philadelphia.

“Having the competitions here was a great opportunity for the country and the world to see what Philadelphia has to offer,” said Sullivan.

Speaking to last Thursday from the Kimmel Center, Sullivan said that up to that point - there were still another three days to go -  “everything has worked out really really well.”

Sullivan said it was a “great honor” for the city of Philadelphia to work on an event of such magnitude.

“It has really worked out well and it’s been a great joy,” she said.

“This shows what Philadelphia is capable of doing. There is no event too big or too small that Philadelphia can’t do. We put on a good show and a good time for everyone.”

Philadelphia has one of the largest Irish populations in the U.S. Apart from the 2009 World Irish Dancing Championships, the city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade draws thousands of participants and spectators to the city every year.

“Another great success there,” said Sullivan.

According to the Philadelphia Convention and Business Center, an estimated $11 million was injected into the local economy by the 20,000 or so visitors to the city for the week-long event.