Irish dance group Prodijig  are saving the world in a new science fiction dance show called “Footstrom.” The show is choreographed by Alan Kenefick, who formerly worked on the international sensation “Riverdance” and has an original score by composer Rupert Christie.

In the show last year winners of Sky’s “Got to Dance” are transported to the year 2476 by a time portal in an old train station. In the futuristic world people live in huts under the rule of a character named ‘Indomitus” and are afraid of a cannibalistic tribe called the ‘Mohans.’ There is also a love story featuring dancer Ciara McGillan.

The dancing is the largest strength of the show. “Footstrom” features some strong choreographed set pieces and the cast boasts of exceptional professional dancers. Chris Wasser of the Herald wrote that the weaker points of the production include the fantastical plot and some of the acting. The score features flutes and pipes not always to its advantage.

Prodijig won Sky’s “Got to Dance” competion in March of 2012. Their unique blend of hip hop, tap, flamenco and drill with Irish dance quickly captured the attention of viewers and judges alike. During their first round in the show the troupe showcased their new style to Kanye West’s hit song “Power.” Judge Adam Garcia correctly predicted then that the group could win the whole competition.

Prodijig’s seven members include former “Riverdance” leads as well as regional, national, and world championship dancers. Kenefick is the dance crew’s leader and choreographer. After winning “Got to Dance,” which came with a cash prize, Kenefick said, “We’re just all going to take a bit each, and then just growing Prodijig.”

“Footstrom” is running until April 28.

Watch a bit of “Footstrom” here:

Watch Prodijig dance to “Power” on “Got to Dance” here:

Watch Prodijig’s winning performance on “Got to Dance” here: ***