Want to wear your Irish heritage for the whole world to see? These Irish entrepreneurs can help.

More than 70-million people around the world claim Irish ancestry. And thousands of them come to Ireland every year researching their roots. They take in the rich history of the Emerald Isle; the fairytales and the folklore, the poets and the buskers, the special blend of storytelling, Irish ingenuity, and charm.

And if they are lucky enough, they take home a real piece of Ireland to remember their time here. Something more than a T-shirt or a trinket. Something that instantly reminds them of Ireland’s beauty, now, and for generations to come.

This is what inspired Ken Kinneen and Dylan Commons to launch IrishCreation.com, a one-stop shop for Ireland’s most beautiful jewelry and heritage pieces.

Ken and Dylan.

Ken and Dylan.

IrishCreation.com is the perfect balance between history and the digital age. These two young entrepreneurs are using their digital expertise and drive for communication in the future to spread Ireland’s history and secure its memories for you.

“It’s easy to find an inexpensive keepsake to remind yourself of Ireland at any souvenir shop you pass,” Ken says. “But it won’t last. We want you to take home your memories in a form that will always remind you of your time here and that will last. So quality has to be top of the list. It is for us.”

They rely on the mentorship and expertise of the past. Noel Finan is a family friend and renowned private diamond dealer in Ireland. He has been an established private diamond dealer for three decades and is proud to be passing on his knowledge to this new generation, in hopes of furthering Ireland’s culture for the future.

IrishCreation.com is dedicated to craftsmanship which is why they also work exclusively with a Master Irish Jeweler who designs and creates each piece upon order for IrishCreation.com in a workshop in Wicklow.

As they see it, weaving together experience and traditions from generations past with the current mentorship of Noel Finan and their own expertise in digital media has created the perfect way to protect the Irish culture for the future.

“We want people to see the real Ireland. Not leprechauns and shot glasses, but the honest traditions and history of Ireland. So we are invested in them reading and understanding the history. That’s why we share Ireland’s stories,” Dylan says.

“We explain the traditions through stories. Then we offer them a way to remember it through quality. Quality that will always remind them of the magic here,” Ken adds.

In addition to selling jewelry, they are also publishing stories of Ireland’s traditions online. What’s the meaning behind a Trinity Knot? How did the Claddagh Ring come to be? What are High Celtic Crosses? Learn about the Ogham alphabet, 6000-year old Dolmens and the Salmon of Knowledge. They are integral parts of Irish culture.

If you know the real meaning behind the traditions here, you can choose how you want that heritage to look in high-quality silver and gold that will not only remind you of how special this country is, but that will last in exquisite beauty for decades to come.

Think about shopping for just the right heritage piece to celebrate your family’s ties to the Emerald Isle, from anywhere in the world. Then having those pieces created by master designers and delivered to your door.

IrishCreation.com invites you to read their collection of stories about Ireland’s culture and traditions to really understand the magic of your heritage. It’s a way to educate yourself, see what traditions endure, imagine beautiful ways to celebrate your heritage see how www.IrishCreation.com can bring your Irish Heritage to your door.

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