The Rubberbandits, the semi-anonymous, plastic bag wearing Irish rap duo have just filmed a riotous looking four-part web series with MTV’s Iggy channel, and the buzz is already off the charts.

According to a report on, the new show will be screened on and it will follow Limerick City’s 'baddest rappers' as they try to crack America.

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'Will their first American performance make them MTV rockstars?' asks the MTV trailer? 'The two Irish lads in plastic bags are on a mission.'

The Rubberbandits flashed to fame in Ireland when their video and hit single ' 'Horse Outside' went straight to No. 1.

The duo use prank calls disguises, rap lyrics and their home town Limerick as the theme for many of their hits.

Check out the new trailer below, and get ready for greatness.


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