The 57-year-old was rushed to hospital following a routine check-up, the Irish Independent reported today. Grace has type II diabetes, and gangrene is one of the possible complications of the illness.

He calls his condition the Big D. "Thank God I caught it in time but it is a big worry for anyone with diabetes. There are endless possibilities of things that could happen that you have to keep in mind. From losing your eyesight to losing a limb. People with my condition are far more susceptible to these things," he told the Independent.

The comedian had several gigs lined up for Christmas, including TV appearances and booksignings for his forthcoming memoir, “Amuzing Grace.” But those have been cancelled while he recuperates at Dublin’s Blackrock Clinic.

Grace spoke of his battle with "The Big D", and said he now has to deal with some serious health problems.

He added that at first he went into denial about the illness, but now he feels an acceptance and a desire to teach others how to avoid it.  "Given my love of sweets I'm probably not the best role model for diabetics but I still want to help highlight organisations such as The Diabetes Federation of Ireland, if they'll have me, of course. I would also like to raise awareness of diabetes in children," he said.

In his book “Amuzing Grace," Grace describes his fondness for sweets and biscuits, which he’s had since he was young. "When I was a child, biscuits were almost always sold loose. You would pick however many you wanted and your selection would then be placed in a bag and weighed. My favourites have always been the old faithfuls, Mikado, Coconut Creams, and Chocolate Goldgrain.

However Raspberry Custard Creams have my eternal love."