Irish brides are flocking to high end wedding dress stores in Ireland to get the "Chelsea Clinton bridal look" despite the recession that's looming over the country.

After Clinton donned a Vera Wang stunner two weeks ago the designer's store in Dublin has been inundated with requests for the dress or something similar.

The manager of the Dublin store, Sarah Kelly told the Herald newspaper that several engaged women have contacted the store asking about the $10,000 dress.

"Once women saw the pictures of Chelsea Clinton, there were a good few calls and people popping in to say that they wanted it.

"Her dress was practically the exact same as the one we have here, except she had a different bodice. And now a lot of brides are asking for that beautiful Swarovski crystal belt that she had," she said.

Kelly said Irish women are also showing a big interest in singer Alicia Key's wedding dress.

"Alicia Keys' dress is also here and because it's this beautiful Grecian style, lots of women have been trying it on," said Kelly.

And newlywed Hilary Duff's dress is also sparking interest.

"A lot of people asked to come in and see it. It's an absolutely fabulous dress, it's a part of our spring/ summer 2011 collection so we'll be getting it in a couple of months.

"We had a preview of it a few weeks ago for four days and there was a lot of interest," Ms Kelly explained.