An Irish 18-year-old has become the biggest sensation as his band rockets to stardom across the US and Canada.

The British boy band One Direction has taken America by storm with thousands of young women sleeping outside hotels where they are staying and mobbing them when they arrive.

The Daily Mail reports that Horan, from Westmeath, the only non-British member of the group  is utterly mobbed by females  while Henry Styles the biggest star back in Britain is being ignored.

Closer magazine reported that “'All the boys are popular, but the girls in the U.S. seem to be absolutely obsessed with Niall, They love the fact he's Irish and looks like the perfect all-American boy. He gets swamped with girls wherever he goes.”

“It 's definitely been a bit of a knock to Harry's ego, as he's used to being the heartthrob back home. It's only natural that the boys are now competing for attention. It's causing a bit of tension.”

One Direction has made history as the first British group to debut at No 1. in the US with their first album. Up All Night  which has now topped the Billboard chart,.a feat that  the Spice Girls 1997 debut album Spice which only debuted at No 6.

Here.s the top ten facts about America’s latest hearthrob Niall Horan
1. Niall’s the only Irish member of the new smash pop group ‘One Direction’ - he hails from Mullingar in Westmeath.

2. Niall loves to keep in touch with his fans. Join nearly 2 million fans and follow the tweetaholic @NiallOfficial on Twitter!

3. He’ll be turning 19 later this year. Niall was born on September 13, 1993

4. Other mega popstar Katy Perry is one of his biggest fans. The pop queen put Niall through during the 2010 season of ‘X Factor’ in the UK, and recently congratulated him on his group’s new found success in the US via Twitter saying “@NiallOfficial congratulations, you didn't let me down! xo”

5. Niall’s got nerves of steel. Following a car accident outside of Birmingham, England earlier this year, he reportedly laughed it off. “I actually laughed afterwards. I don’t know why, but I thought it was funny – it felt like being in bumper cars,” said Horan after a car hit the one he was travelling in.

6. He had a bad case of “Irish teeth.” Prior to heading for the US along with One Direction, Niall’s managers had him fitted for braces to fix up his now adorable smile.

7. Niall originally had big dreams of being a solo music star. When he didn’t make the cut for boys soloists round in the ‘X Factor’ UK, he and the four other lads were picked to form One Direction, which ultimately came in third in the reality music competition. They were later signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco.

8. He’s got an eye for older women. Of Irish television presenter Christine Bleakley, Horan said "Seriously, she is my NBF, my new best friend - she is utterly incredible. I also think she's gorgeous.. I like the older woman.” Bleakley is 15 years Horan’s senior.

9. Aside from being a talented singer, Niall is also great on the guitar. He’s quoted as saying that receiving a guitar for Christmas one year was the best present he could have ever received.

10. Horan’s career inspiration? Michael Buble. Horan remembers a time when he was singing in the car and his family noticed his vocal talents. "My aunt said she thought the radio was on. Exactly the same thing happened to Michael Bublé with his dad. He's my absolute hero so I like the fact we have a similar story.”

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