“Diamond” singer, Rihanna, has bonded quickly with her Irish bodyguard, known only as Jeff, following her recent experiences with obsessive fans stalking her home.

The Irish Mirror has reported that the 25-year-old pop star has taken to her Dubliner bodyguard and he has now joined her security team.

Rihanna recently had a restraining order issued against an obsessed fan who was caught on the roof of her home, so it is no wonder she’s feeling a little paranoid.

A source told the Mirror, “Jeff has only recently joined her team but he has fast become an integral part of her inner circle and is a big part of protecting her.

“Because of who she is Rihanna has to depend on her security team to keep her safe – but you always worry when dealing with stalker issues.

“Thankfully Jeff is fantastic at his job and will do anything to make sure she is protected – and that means so much to her.

“It’s how she got to know him and find out more about him – and they have definitely fast become friends even in such a short time. It’s good for her to have.”

Jeff also gave Rihanna and her dad advice on what hot spots to hit in Dublin when she was playing at the Aviva Stadium.

The source said, “Rihanna has always been a huge fan of Dublin but what could be better than someone who is actually from the country?

“He was there to tell her what to see and where to go out – and was probably a part of the decision to go out to Lillie’s.”

Rihanna told the crowds in Dublin, “Every time I come here I always want to come back.

“You don’t give a f**k, that’s why I always come back.”