ACC Bank, based in Ireland, has begun legal action against musician Jim Corr and an associate for an alleged debt of 1.3 million euro.

The bank applied to the High Court on Thursday for an order to serve documents on Jim Corr at his home in Bangor, County Down.

Solicitors for ACC Bank said numerous attempts had been made to serve Corr with legal papers but it was clear from his conduct he was 'evading service.'

ACC Bank is suing Corr for an alleged debt of 1.3 million. The loan relates to 91 acres of land at Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny.

At the High Court yesterday senior counsel for the bank, Bernard Dunleavy, told the judge that Corr was 'a citizen of Ireland and a well-known musician.'

Dunleavy secured an order for 'substitute of service.' This will allow the bank to serve notice of the legal proceedings on Corr by post.