An overdue shout-out to Irish band the Script is well in order.  Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue, who stars in the U.K. version of The Voice, and his two mates rearranged their touring schedule to slot in an immediate fundraiser concert for Hurricane Sandy victims on Long Island.

The show took place at the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island on November 8 at the band’s insistence. Their gig there, in support of their new album, #3, had originally been booked for next month, but the boys insisted on moving it up to show their immediate support. They donated all proceeds from the night, including their fee, to hurricane relief efforts.

"How could we rest when so many were in such need? America has been so good to us and has enabled us to have a global career. We felt we had to do something to show our appreciation and give back and help," O’Donoghue told Billboard magazine.

Drummer Glen Power has family members living on Long Island, so the disaster struck close to home for the caring band.

"We hope that by stepping forward, others will do the same. And, we hope we (brought) some much-needed fun and enabled the people dealing with such a loss to escape and enjoy themselves for a bit," O'Donoghue added.

Classy, classy guys – and not too shabby of a band either! They’ve been all over the place promoting their new offering, including an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s talker last month.