A little two-year-old Irish toddler, Ella O'Brien is set break YouTube records with her rendition of the song "Baby."

The video of her singing Justin Bieber's smash hit has recorded a million hits in just five days.

A million views within five days is higher than your average "popular" video.

Unusually videos of cute babies singing and dancing tend to get more views than a skater face planting himself against a jagged wall.

The Irish cover band and social misfits, Crystal Swing, became a brief Internet sensation when they appeared on The Ellen Show three months ago.

The YouTube recording recorded just over 500,000 within its first two weeks and has only recorded 600,000 views in total.

Ella's uncle John O'Brien said the family are completely shocked by the video's popularity.

"It all started out as a bit of fun. Ella's cousin Maria is a huge Justin Bieber fan. When Ella comes over to visit, she loves the music and she sings along," he said.

"Ella was singing along one day and jumping on the bed and Maria decided to record her. We put it up on Facebook, so that only family members could look at the video clip.

"But the reaction was so great, we decided to put it up on YouTube. There were 939,251 hits by  4 p.m. on Tuesday. We reckon it will soon break the one-million mark."

The family hails from the Co Cork and they have another video of Ella singing a new Justin Bieber song.
"We have another clip of Ella singing a new Justin Bieber song but we don't want to post it just yet, so it doesn't take attention away from her version of 'Baby'. But watch this space," he said.

Ella's mother Louise is shocked by the worldwide reaction to her daughter’s video.

Comments have been left by people from Japan, Germany, Australia, Belgium and the US.

"She's soooo cute -- I just love her eyes. Justin, watch out," said one fan. Another insisted that he preferred Ella's version of 'Baby' to the original, commenting: "She is better singing than Bieber."

YouTube comments indicated that viewers saw the video on TV and other Internet websites. One Australian poster said that she was " doing work experience at 93.1 Magic FM in Berri, South_ Australia and I was in with the Breakfast Radio guys and they played this as an audio."

Ella O'Brien, two-year-old YouTube sensation