The thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the original 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' was marked by the publication of Irish author Eoin Colfer's sequel 'And Another Thing -- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Part 6 of 3'  Monday.

Douglas Adams, who wrote the original Hitchhiker,  died in 2001 and Colfer, who is famous for his “Artemis Fowl’ series of children’s books, was handpicked by his widow Jane Belson to write the latest novel in the series.

"I love Eoin's books and I could not think of a better person to transport Arthur to pastures new," said Belson.

Colfer, a native of Wexford, spoke of his disbelief on being given the job in the first place

"Being given the chance to write this book was like suddenly being offered the superpower of your choice. For years I have been finishing this incredible story in my head and now I have had the opportunity to do it in the real world. It is a gift from the gods."

The 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' tells the story of Englishman Arthur Dent and his sidekick Ford Prefect and their travels around the universe.